The original Bulldog Bass is inspired by early rock'n roll era instruments. Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones played a Framus hollow bass in his early years, and that full rich, but mellow tone is what we are striving for.

Call it vintage or whatever, Bulldog is on a quest to develop a line of basses that are a perfect re-incarnation of the late 50s hollow body basses. Our basses are still showing off the heritage of the old upright fretless instruments. We string these fretless wonders with British black tape-wound Rotosound strings.

Bulldog Traditions Bass

  • 34" Scale
  • Maple body
  • Fretless Mahogany neck
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Graphite reinforcements
  • Dual-action truss rod
  • EMG Bass pickups
  • Cast aluminum bridge
  • Separate volume and tone controls
  • Three-position pickup switch
  • Sunburst nitro finish
  • Black tape-wound Rotosound strings

Lead Time: 2 Months


Bass player Rich Hippey takes delivery of his custom-ordered Bulldog Bass at the South Carolina Guitar Expo 2009. Rich is our first Bulldog endorser. Roger Hausmann (Bulldog) congratulates Rich.

(Photo: Marcia Hippey)

  Frazier Acoustic 5-String Bass

This lovely huge bass was built by luthier David Frazier. Made of Walnut (neck is Ebony), the fretless acoustic instrument is special in size. Somewhat close to the size of a cello, it is surprisingly lightweight. The bridge and the nut are of bone. Bulldog Custom Guitars added the screen in the sound hole out of frustration: Invariably, anything you hold in your hand disappears into this big sound hole: Sandwich, drinks, lipstick name it.

This fretless bass would probably sound awesome with a quality acoustic pickup (L.R.Baggs, Fishman, or similar).

In Stock

$1,100 with pickup

Wesley Patrick tries out the huge Foster acoustic bass, modified by Bulldog.
(Photo: Kevin Goldy)


You can see how the Foster Fretless 5-string acoustic bass is tapered at the sides.
This makes the large bass easier to hold while playing in a sitting position. If you prefer to play this bass upright, we can install a lightweight, removable spur on the bottom of the instrument.



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